Cohosting FAQ

What is co-hosting?

Co-Host is someone who helps the property owner (host) to manage the rental property. Anyone can be a Co-Host, whether you are a property agent, building management, family member or someone trusted by the property owner to manage their property.

What are the benefits of being a Co-Host at Orento?

The benefits you get as a Co-Host include:

  1. Free listings with no maximum limits
  2. Manage multiple tenancy documents with ease in a single platform
  3. Get connected with property owners/ host and tenant simultaneously, so host can get live report of any rental activities on their property 
  4. Co-host has the freedom to determine the amount of co-hosting fee (commission) 
  5. Professional guidance to rental agreements
  6. Secure, easy and transparent payment transactions.
  7. Auto disbursement of rental payment directly to co-host and property owner right after rental payment was made by tenant
Does being a Co-Host and advertising a property on Orento incur a fee?

Become a Co-Host and advertise all the properties that you manage in Orento is FREE of charge.

We only charge service fees to Co-Hosts and Hosts, each at 1% of the rental transactions made through Orento.

What are the conditions required to become a Co-Host?

It is very simple. There are property owners who entrust you to manage their property.

Only by sending a co-hosting request consisting of property information / advertisements and owner information, you can become a Co-Host.

What type properties can be managed by Co-host?

Houses - Entire house; Rooms/ several rooms in a single house

Apartment Units - Entire apartment units; Rooms/ several rooms in a single apartment unit

Boarding house - Boarding house; Male only Boarding house; Female only Boarding house

What are the benefits to the property owner from this co-hosting feature?
  1. Property owner / host always gets live reports on the condition and performance of their rental properties.
  2. Automatic reports of the latest financial statements
  3. Secure and transparent rental transactions.
  4. Get connected directly with Co-Hosts and tenants
  5. Professional guidance to rental agreements
I want to maintain the confidentiality of property owner’s information, does Orento display/ share my property owner information?

Orento does not display any personal data, especially the host info managed by the co-host.

We provide in-app chat system which can accomodate the exchange of information between Co-Hosts, tenants and property owners who are connected to one another without having to exchange contacts.

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