Cohosting FAQ

How much commission can I get?

The amount of commission depends on the agreement between you and the property owner/ host. Information about your commission will be listed on the Co-Hosting request received by the property owner.

How is the disbursement flow of the co-hosting fee and the host’s rental income?

The payment made by tenants will be immediately received by the Co-Host and Host account. Disbursement of funds can be done right after the renter checks in

Regarding the distribution of rent, should I as a Co-Host register the account number of the property owner?

You cannot register a property owner's bank account. You can help to remind the host to register their bank account number in their account.

What if the property owner forgets or hasn't registered the account number while the property that I manage has been rented through Orento?

You do not need to worry if this happens. Orento will temporarily hold the rent payment until the host registers the account number. Furthermore, the funds will be disbursed a maximum of 1x24 hours once the account number is registered.

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