General FAQ

What is Orento?

Orento is a cloud-based community with the goal to facilitate the renting process between hosts, tenants and agents.

Orento's vision is to improve the current rental property market by offering an on-demand rental experience. By providing access to tools and resources that were up to now only reserved to real estate agents, we hope that the rental industry achieves:

  • higher transparency by providing access to important tenancy information right in your palm, anywhere around the world, whenever you need it
  • efficient use of resources by streamlining the communication between host, tenants and agents and providing on-demand real estate services
  • better tenancy experience by giving access to all parties the relevant residential tenancies state laws and acting as a mediator during tenancy related issues
Does Orento have an application?

The application can be used by Android and Iphone users. Please download the Orento application in the play store or app store.

How do I register with Orento?

You can register with Orento either with an email address or simply connect one of your social media account with Orento.

Currently we only support Facebook and Google accounts but we are currently working on integrating more social media accounts.

Click here if you wish to create an Orento account.

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