Cohosting FAQ

How to become a Co-host?

Option 1
If the property is not yet registered with Orento, then you need to send a Co-Hosting request to be approved by the property owner / host. This request consists of information on property listing and your proposed co-hosting fee.

Option 2
If the property is already registered with Orento, the host can send you a Co-Hosting invitation to help manage their rental property.

I have sent the co-hosting request to the property owner/ host. What should I do next?

Make sure your account is verified, you can see this information under your account and trust & verification, or start verifying here. Only when the account verification process is successful, the host will receive your co-hosting request. If so, please remind the property owner again to approve your co-hosting request.

I want to advertise all the properties that I manage, but there are some property owners who don't have an email address. Can I co-host their property?

You can still advertise and manage the property, however not as a Co-host but as a Host. Unfortunately you cannot enjoy all the features that are only available for Co-hosts.

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