Renting FAQ

How do I rent through Orento?

To start renting through Orento, simply Apply, Get Approved, Confirm lease and Pay. Check more details below:

  • First find the property you would like to stay at and submit an application to the host.
  • You will receive a notification once the host approves your application. You can then confirm and pay the upfront/ first payment as agreed within 24 hours. Failure to make the required payment within the holding period will make the property available for other applicants to reserve.
  • Your payment will be held in trust by Orento until you have actually confirmed that you moved into the property on the agreed check-in date. Note: There are rare cases when the property is no longer available when/ after you make the confirmation and payment. In this case the lease agreement is failed and your payment will immediately returned.
If I need more information about the property, where should I ask?

Orento has set standards for describing rental properties on our listing platform. We encourange host to provide a descriptive listing summary including a minimum of 3 photos.

However, if you still have questions regarding a property, we encourage you to contact the host directly through our built-in messaging app. You can find this message link at the bottom of each property page.

We highly discourage contacting the host outside of our messaging platform in order to keep your contact details private and a record of all communications.

Is there any legal protection surrounding lease transactions on Orento?

When users sign up to Orento, they agree to abide by the Terms & Conditions for using our platform.

One of the Terms & Conditions include an agreement that all tenancy agreements generated by Orento abides by the local rules and regulations governing such matter.

For Australia, the law differs from state to state. To view the current lawful text governing your tenancy agreement, please select in which state the rented property is located.


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